Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Shazzerine" by Shazzerine Single OUT NOW

"Shazzerine" by Shazzerine OUT NOW on Psyouthern Media

“SHAZZERINE” by SHAZZERINE. In the future, everyone will have their own theme song. In this case, it is the spectral wonder known as Shazzerine akaChristopher DeShazo. Out on my label (Psyouthern Media), his single “Shazzerine” drops today. You know you love him; why wouldn’t you, he’s Shazzerine. It started as inside joke with the guys in the van calling him Shazzerine. Then that mutated into all of us singing his new name out at random places/times. Eventually I suggested, he write a song...about himself...lay it out there...and call it "Shazzerine." A year later, Shazz wrote the damn song and played it for me. And it was actually good and frighteningly catchy. I'm like, "NICE!" So I said. Let's record and release it and ride this beautiful pony to its logical conclusion: SUPER SHAZZERINE STARDOM. So here you have it: "Shazzerine." Your boy's got his own damn theme song now.

Support the Shazzerine Cause, and buy his song. And share if you like.